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Viking Takeover - The Harris Museum - 15/6/19 - 26/8/19

Viking Takeover - The Harris Museum - 15/6/19 - 26/8/19 Creative Communities Group RSS Newsfeed for Creative Communities Group Online art gallery newsfeed

~It’s hard to believe that we were once living in a time period when Vikings roamed the Earth. Now, thanks to a touring exhibition the Vikings are coming home very soon.

Based at the JORVIK  Viking Centre in York, Fearsome Craftsmen is boarding up at Preston’s  Harris Museum and Art Gallery. This unique insight into many artefacts which were used during Viking times helps us to appreciate how Vikings lived and what they wore.

It will reveal how more than 1,000 years ago simple materials were turned into complex objects. The Silverdale Hoard, found in Lancashire, will be on display as part of the exhibition. Metal detecting enthusiasts discovered more than 200 pieces of silver and much more was to be unearthed including the following :-


  • 10 complete arm rings
  • Two finger rings,
  • Six bossed brooch fragments
  • A fine wire braid
  • 141 fragments of chopped up arm rings and ingots

Cabinet member for culture and leisure councillor Peter Kelly  expressed these words which can be appreciated by children and adults and the opportunity to discover about our ancestry :-

“The whole family can get hands-on at the Fearsome Craftsmen exhibition with the replica forge to discover how Vikings created their objects. It’s fascinating to learn how the Vikings made so many everyday items out of the resources they found in their local environment.”

Fearsome Craftsmen runs from 15 June until 26 August and is free to attend. It includes a dedicate children’s area to experience Viking-inspired activities including a replica forge.

Direct of attractions for the JORVIK group Sarah Maltby hopes to refocus the Viking stereotype and the daily  struggles they endured :-

“Most people have an expectation that all Vikings were feisty warriors, but with this exhibition we are hoping to help change that narrative. There were so many skilled craftsmen in the Viking-Age and visitors can learn about the everyday life that these people lived, through our range of artefacts and replicas.”

As well as Fearsome Craftsmen the Vikings are also due to visit the Flag Market on Saturday 13 July and set up camp.

  • Vikings to take over the Harris throughout the summer
  • 15th June - 26th August 2019

^Alex Ashworth