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UCLAN Lecturer And Writer Creates Dementia Based Novel

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~For a person diagnosed with dementia getting around Preston landmarks such as the bus station, deep dale stadium and the forest of bowland would be impossible and would cause them an immeasurable degree of confusion and sadness.  Yet it’s these well known landmarks and the topic of dementia that has been the inspiration of a new book by a  lecturer at UCLAN.

 Local writer and teacher Naomi Kruger was moved by a visit to a family friend who was diagnosed with the early onset of dementia. She developed the idea by incorporating places in Preston that people feel accustomed to and her passion for writing is clearly seen by how she expresses herself in the following way,

“I write about places I know: the bus station, PNE, the Forest of Bowland; places that can feel so familiar they start to seem unremarkable.. I love the contrasts between old and new, folklore, history, industry, development and decline. I love the way imagination can lead to discovery, and point towards the extraordinary details beyond the surface of things.”

The book is simply called ‘May’, and Naomi goes on to reveal her personal reflections on her friend, the depth of her character and the sense of purpose despite May’s limitations,

“I began to think about my own assumptions and how complex memory is. I wanted to portray a character struggling with changes in memory and perception, but also to explore her unique history, experiences, family and community. In the book May is more than a diagnosis, she is someone who has lost things but still has things to share and communicate.”

The book priced £8.99 is on sale from Monday 12 March.

^Alex Ashworth.