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Technology Class - Tuesdays In Preston City Centre - 10am -12pm.

Technology Class - Tuesdays In Preston City Centre - 10am -12pm. Creative Communities Group RSS Newsfeed for Creative Communities Group Online art gallery newsfeed

~Learning about technology is no longer just ‘something for teens’. All ages whether young or old are finding the advantage of exploring the internet, smartphones or the latest tablet. People have often said ‘I didn’t realise computers were so smart’ , well, they are but its how we use them that makes us smarter.

As part of UCLAN’s ‘In the City’ programme, each and every Tuesday is a free workshop designed to learn everything about technology. ‘Savvy Surfers’ takes places in the St. George’s Shopping Centre between 10am -12pm.

You don’t need to stay for the two hour duration, you may wish to drop by briefly to resolve help with your tablet. Learning is progressive and gradual so there’s no need to feel rushed or pressured. Worksheets are also available if you wish to brush up on your skills at home.

All abilities are welcome from the complete beginner to the ultimate pro, no -one is perfect is this field so it takes humility to ask for help.

Please note :- refreshments will also be provided throughout the two hours ranging from tea, coffee and juice. For further information please contact Lee MacNeall on :-01772 895373.

The next session takes place a week today. Show your support by learning to adapt to new skills in a computer based workshop :-

Savvy Surfers - Technology class
Tuesday  May 15, 10am – 12pm
UCLAN InTheCity - St George's Shopping Centre, Lune Street, Preston.

^Alex Ashworth