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THREADS- Art And Neuroscience Exhibition - UCLAN - 9am - 5pm - 14/3/18

THREADS- Art And Neuroscience Exhibition - UCLAN - 9am - 5pm - 14/3/18 Creative Communities Group RSS Newsfeed for Creative Communities Group Online art gallery newsfeed

~You may think ‘I am a naturally creative person’. True, that is an accurate perception of your artistic abilities but there is much more to it than being ‘naturally creative’. The brain has a series of neurons which help you communicate and understand language. But the brain is also a sensitive structure and is deeply connected with the nervous system which ultimately can help you think and create artistic pieces of work. This is a scientific fact that art and neuroscience are intrinsically linked.

On Wednesday March 14th from 9am - 5pm you can view an exhibition which determines the above theory. ‘THREADS- A Dialogue between art and neuroscience will be exhibited at UCLAN’S Foster Special Space at the Foster Building, Preston.

The exhibition co-incides with Brain Awareness week and Brazilian Artwork will also be showcased. It is expected to run from 14th March - 15th May 2018. The artwork is free to attend.

Discover how creativity and the nervous system are incredibly  connected :-

THREADS-Dialogue between art and neuroscience
 Wed, March 14, 9am – 5pm
The University of Central Lancashire, Foster Social Space, Foster Building,

^Alex Ashworth.