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Spotlight On CCG Members - Samera Afza - January 2020

Spotlight On CCG Members - Samera Afza - January 2020 Creative Communities Group RSS Newsfeed for Creative Communities Group Online art gallery newsfeed

~~You may have watched BBC News 24 in the evening and thought, “It’s that same aged white male newsreader presenting the news, again!” But as we will see in this month’s ‘Spotlight on CCG Members’ the young and those of a specific ethnicity are coming forward and proving they too have a voice and a powerful message to share in today’s media led world. Let us learn more about Samera Afza.

Samera is a south Asian female artist and has a variety of experiences and skills which has shaped her perspective when it comes to the art of journalism. She is well travelled and has worked abroad. Samera has also spent time volunteering and is genuinely passionate about doing more to help people and create impactful work.

Having spent time in a foreign climate she then returned to the UK to work at the BBC over a four year period. It was here where she grew as an artist and developed her skills in the following four areas:-

1. Journalism
2. Digital
3. Social media
4. Editing

By her work in these areas she has proven her consistency as a unique and creative thinker. It’s these skills that will help her in the long term and enable open discussion amongst an appreciative audience. Social work will be the key to unlocking a door which will bridge the gap between already misconceived ideas about Asian females whilst allowing stories to flow freely from the inspiration of the wider world.

Samera’s other interests consists of the following:-

• A member of a parkour club
• A sporadic climber
• Attended  a spoken word group

She also loves adventure sport and nature. Her travels have seen her develop an interest in the anthropology of humans, having lived with tribes and cultures whilst absorbing the natural beauty of the world.

Samera is best defined in the following statement she wrote about herself:-

“I represent the new generation as a south Asian female artist, and want to demonstrate the true diverse young face of the UK, and uncover poignant narratives that take people on a journey of insight and education”.

All of us at the CCG warmly welcome you Samera and we look forward to discovering what you can bring to a media based platform.

^Alex Ashworth.