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Spotlight On CCG Members - February 2020-Ian Smith

Spotlight On CCG Members - February 2020-Ian Smith Creative Communities Group RSS Newsfeed for Creative Communities Group Online art gallery newsfeed

~~Our life can appear to be going smoothly for some considerable time but some serious news may alter our life course, a positive attitude, however, can result in the most amazing realizations.

That is exactly what occurred to Ian Smith who is the focus of this month’s ‘Spotlight on CCG Members’.

Ian was born in Manchester in 1948 at the dawn of the NHS which co-incidentally he is eternally grateful for.

Having been married for a good 50 years with two grown up children and 3 grandchildren, life seemed fantastic, couldn’t be better.
It was however in 2010 when Ian’s life completely turned around. Ian was diagnosed with prostate cancer but instead of becoming emotionally overwhelmed and in a state of worry as to what to do next, Ian took decisive action and wanted to do good.

Several years after his diagnosis he enrolled on a photography course at The University of Bolton. His main concept project was inspired by his condition, simply entitled ‘‘Prostate cancer: Every Picture Tell a Story.’

With authorization from his local GP Ian captured a series of couples who were in the midst of prostate cancer. It was a moving record both of his courage to do something positive and for the families involved with those that were exhibited.

In the summer of 2018, Ian graduated with a 1st Class Degree in Photography B A, from the University of Bolton. This exhibition has been on continuous display since June 2018, with measurable success (currently showing in Lancaster LRI).

Ian wants to reduce the ‘miss’ information, anxiety and fear of presenting to health care professionals, for fear of the unknown. Thanks to his optimistic outlook he is facing new challenges with so much more confidence which will ultimately wash away prejudices, reduce isolation and offer equality to all sections of the community.

As well as health based work,  Ian has created publications ‘Landscapes and Structure’ and ‘Manchester’, inspired by the ‘Northern Power House’ slogan.
He derives most of his unique style from the influences of Paul Strand with his close cropping style and abstract genres and John Davies a great English landscape photographer.

Away from the still image Ian escapes in Anglesey with his wife & their dog.

Ian’s philosophy is very much, ‘keep it simple’. Let the photograph do the ‘talking’. This is clearly demonstrated by his profound portrayal of the prostrate sufferers and their partners. An individual who is able to turn life’s uncertainties into something truly beautiful.

The CCG are privileged to welcome you on board Ian. We can learn so much from you.

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^Alex Ashworth CCG Art Blogger