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Spotlight On CCG Members - Dr. Lynne H. De Weaver

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~~Each and everyone of us has a force within that impels us to seek  out work that we can thrive in. Media based work was the main driving force behind this month’s ‘Spotlight on CCG Members’.

When living in England, Dr. Lynne H. De Weaver was an award-winning copywriter and Creative Director at several multi-national advertising agencies, including UK based Brann Direct.

Since setting up camp in Australia she has gone on to build social capital and promoted economic development. Lynne has capitalised on this strength by mentoring  some of regional Australia's most successful small businesses.

Dr. Weaver’s talents came through as a media mogul and business developer but she has also been a  published author and accomplished professional writer.

Her confidence in the above was more apparent when she was invited to travel around the world as a keynote speaker at conferences from Australia and New Zealand to the UK and America.

Lynne’s PhD was entitled:- Jumping through Hoops: Delivering More Effective Community Consultation during the Grant Application Process. It was inspired by her field work in establishing seven Community Technology Centres throughout the Northern Rivers Region of NSW.

With her vast knowledge, experience and expertise I’m sure we can all benefit from her valid contribution as a member of the CCG. Welcome.

^Alex Ashworth.