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Spotlight On CCG Members, Dr. Dawne Gurbutt

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~~Some of us have a natural tendency to care and help others. It could be our upbringing or the environment we live in.This could then shape us as adults into taking the responsibility of care and concern into the workplace. This month’s ‘Spotlight on CCG Members’ has applied the above  into her life and career. She is currently Clinical Lead for Interprofessional Education at UCLAN, welcome, Dr. Dawne Gurbutt.

In her youth, Dawne studied nursing, midwifery and became employable as a health visitor. These subjects led her on to working in areas of social deprivation across the North of England working directly with families and communities.

Her academic career however didn’t stop at the above. She is also extremely qualified in the four major areas of learning including, Health, Education, Literature and the Social Sciences. In addition to these four disciplines Dawn has also ventured into mentoring and coaching and has even published and presented in this area including international workshops.

Aside from learning, mentoring and coaching Dawne is also highly skilled when it comes to interactions and narratives. This led her to the 2007 publication ‘“Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – Stories for learning and reflection about SIDS, Motherhood and Loss” Oxford: Radcliffe Medical Publishing.

It didn’t stop there. Dawne has been able to successfully champion four nations of the UK as Discipline Lead for Health in the Higher Education Academy. The work involved commissioning, designing, managing and delivering projects and programmes on pedagogy, public involvement, creativity in teaching and learning. She has also been in charge of  many health initiatives. 

To add to her long list of achievements, Dawne has also been extremely innovative when it comes to creativity in the classroom. This gave her the confidence to help those who desire to ‘speak out’ with regards to their ongoing mental health condition. She was a co- founder of the Lived Experience Network which provides a forum for service users, educators, students and practitioners to share best practice and innovation and to support each other in problem solving – the network now has a large national and growing international membership.

Having taken a break from UCLAN she is now a permanent member of staff as Lead for Interprofessional Education across the Faculty of Clinical and Biomedical Sciences. Her commitment to collaborative learning is a testament to her longevity in this field as she continues to help stakeholders and service users in IPE to improve patient outcomes.

The book, ‘Collaborative Practice for Public Health’ is a reflection on her experience in public health and practice of interprofessional education. Dawne has consistently worked hard in health and education for the good of the local community.

Now in 2017, Dawne works across the campus and the wider University to teach interprofessional education to the students of UCLAN in order for them to benefit from the module and to help each other in the process.  Dawne currently sits as Governor at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust and a staff member of the Board at UCLAN.

From all of us at the CCG, we hope to learn from your many years of experience as we welcome Dr. Dawne Gurbutt.

^Alex Ashworth.