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~Nearly 30 years in the workplace can garner an employer the specialised knowledge to take those skills to the wider world and make a considerable difference to the local community. This month’s ‘Spotlight on CCG Members’ has done just that.

With more than 27 years of experience, expertise and professionalism, Lancashire based Steve Jameson is no stranger to the NHS and mental health units as we’re about to see.

Having completed a degree in Facilities Management with an MBA, Steve spent the early quarter of 2009 as an Interim Director of Estates and Facilities with LCFT. It was here  where he developed the NHS’ first JVP in England between Ryhurst and LCFT.

As Director of Estates, Steve accomplished  a series of  trailblazing initiatives including :-
• Market Testing Hard & Soft FM services resulting in improvements to quality as well as generating savings of £1m+ pa
• Year on year delivery of LCFT CIP programme resulting in £7m revenue savings sine 2011/12
• Managing the Space Utilisation programme across the Trust which includes implementing new agile working practices and a new flexible working approach.  This project has already generated significant savings and increased utilisation at the Trust HQ offices and other key sites by 40%
• Playing a leading role in the development of the Premises Assurance Model (PAM) as one of the regional representatives supporting the Department of Health
• Lead representative for the Trust on Sustainability and has overseen the creation and implementation of the Trust’s Sustainable Development Plan
• Common Ground – Grow your own initiative which included the development of derelict land to incorporate a range of Poly-tunnels, Chicken Coop, Beehives, Herb Gardens, Training area, BBQ area for the benefits of patient learning, development, recovery and activity as a partnership with the Secure Services Network

In addition Steve became Partnerships Director for Ryhurst with full responsibility as the SPV Director for 13 PFIs and 2 LIFT projects and also played a key role as part of the Business Development team.

Towards the closure of 2010 Steve became responsible for leading the Property Services transfer to RRCS from Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust (LCFT) following the signing of the first Joint Venture in England.

By 2015 Steve was elected to the Board of Design in Mental Health Network (DiMHN). He focused his attention on supporting work-streams relating to service user experience and developing design guidance for Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (PICUs) along with NAPICU.

He is currently Red Rose Corporate Services Property Services Director. In this role he manages a budget of £21m pa for LCFT covering  full operational, asset, statutory compliance and environmental management for one of the largest Mental Health & Community Services NHS Trusts in the country, which in turn  provides services from more than 700 locations.

Steve has demonstrated he is both pro-active and determined to make a change for the good of the local community. We accolade his dedication, hard work and commitment and wish him all the very best as he continues to make great strides in Lancashire and the very people he connects with.

We warmly welcome Steve Jameson to the CCG.

^Alex Ashworth