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Spotlight On CCG Members :- Bill McCoid

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~~It’s a rarity that University graduates become as successful as this month’s Spotlight on CCG Members. Having studied a degree in English and Drama at Lancaster University, Bill McCoid went from strength to strength. Let us learn more about his meteoric rise to the top.

Quite early after his graduation at the age of 23 he wrote and directed the play ‘Speech Therapy’ which won him an award for ‘Most Original Play’ at the Liverpool Centenary Festival. He is also accredited for the play ‘Mourning TV’ which was nominated for Best New Play by the Manchester Evening News.

His writing credits also include the music magazine Melody Maker, Outlook, Blitz and City Life. Nine years ago he developed his writing technique into a film format for his first feature ‘Car Park’. This was premiered in late 2009.

As time progressed and Bill improved and refined his writing ability he was creatively involved in cutting edge television programmes such as,  Panorama, East, Secret Lives, Up Front, Granada News, The Time The Place, Lennon - Just Imagine, World In Action, The Curious Case of Alex (Open Eye), Dispatches, Black Bag, The Antiques Hunter and Interference.

Bill is also founder member of Channel M and here at the CCG we wish him well as one of our members and we hope we can learn and be inspired by his creative writing that he has contributed to in the past and in the present. Welcome.