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Preston Swing - UCLAN - 7.30pm - 9.15pm - 27/11/19

Preston Swing - UCLAN - 7.30pm - 9.15pm - 27/11/19 Creative Communities Group RSS Newsfeed for Creative Communities Group Online art gallery newsfeed

~The current series of Strictly Come Dancing has once again been impressing viewers with some good and not so good moves by the celebrities. Each week the contestants are given a different dance to perfect and hopefully survive into the following week.

No doubt at some stage the dancers have performed the  Lindy Hop. A dance which evolved in the ballrooms of Harlem in the 1930s. A fun and lively dance which encourages both  partner and solo dancing to the piece.

Tomorrow evening you could have a go at this social dance. ‘Preston Swing’ will take place Wednesday 27th November at UCLAN’S Maudland Foyer, Preston Campus between the hours of 7.30pm - 9.15pm. It costs just a mere £5 to participate and free for students with an NUS card.

The classic dance was originally performed  as part of a night out for the young people of Harlem. You will learn how to create a spontaneous dance away from the restrictions of a set routine. The versatility of the dance means it appeals to both artistic and scientific types.

Please note :- No partner or previous dance experience needed. Wear flat shoes and bring along a drink.

Preston Swing is supported by the UCLAN Something for Everyone project. An initiative which seeks to include all in the community to engage in worthwhile and positive activities enabling a boost to their confidence and connecting to the wider public domain.

So switch off the television and have a go yourselves at this fun and enjoyable dance:-

  • Preston Swing
  • Wednesday  27th  November, 19:30 – 21:15
  • University of Central Lancashire, Maudland Foyer, Maudland Building, Preston Campus.

 ^Alex Ashworth