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Preston Joins The Nation In Clap For Our Carers

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~The world is a very different place now. What you were doing a month ago has changed somewhat to what you are doing now.

One thing is guaranteed however. There is a team of superheroes known as the NHS who are fighting your back and your loved ones. All we have to do is stay at home and wash our hands. It sounds  like a simple procedure but a little appreciation to all the NHS staff should and needs to be acknowledged.

Last night a national call to arms came in to effect. ‘Clap for our Carers’ was co-ordinated to thank healthcare workers who are staying away from their families and risking their own lives to tackle the outbreak.

Preston was one of many cities who showed their support for NHS staff working on the frontlines during the corona virus pandemic.

Chris Hough from Broadgate shared a video from Kilruddery Road. You can access it by logging in the following link:-Kilruddery Road in Broadgate joins Clap For Our Carers.

Chris expressed  these words of joy in response to the positive evening,

“It was quite a powerful moment. I was a bit wary going out thinking I would be the only one, but it was great to see – all the neighbours, all ages, all races and different faiths. Magical.”

Similar events have been held across Europe where citizens in lockdown have shown their appreciation of medical staff from their balconies.

If Brexit tore this country apart, perhaps Corona will bring it together:-

^Alex Ashworth  CCG UK Blogger