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Preston Author Publishes Children’s Mindfulness Book After Overcoming Anxiety

Preston Author Publishes Children’s Mindfulness Book After Overcoming Anxiety Creative Communities Group RSS Newsfeed for Creative Communities Group Online art gallery newsfeed

~Have you ever battled with severe anxiety to the point that it ruins both yourself and those closest to you? This is not an isolated problem, many people are experiencing unpleasant thoughts and overwhelming feelings but finding a way forward is a positive solution and can switch the thoughts from yourself to others.

Preston based Jason Rhodes was suffering with intense anxiety for a number of years. It wasn’t until he came across a course in mindfulness that his life changed, for the better.

Jason tells his story in these frank and open words,

“I awoke every morning with the feeling of sickness and dread which followed me throughout the day. I would occasionally be physically sick when the intensity grew. I knew I needed to understand what was going on with me so turned to books, videos and eventually a course in mindfulness. Life become filled with contentment. I found a stillness and ease with life.”.

Jason felt so inspired by the mindfulness course that he adopted the same method when  writing a children’s book which was designed to guide children through the same practice in a fun, engaging and entertaining way.

The book had the unique title, ‘Imagine Eating Lemons’ and Jason found an excellent reaction from the adults who have used it as teaching practice as he explains,

“The feedback from parents and schools has been overwhelming. It’s amazing to hear of the deep impact it is making with children who have the same tendency to get lost in worrying thoughts as I did. The book has inadvertently been helping the parents who read it too. The practice is the exact same.”

Richard Dearing created the illustrations which complement the book. It is currently available from both Waterstones and Amazon.

^Alex Ashworth CCG Art Blogger