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~Due to the continual stigma around mental health and the labels is produces, employers have taken one look at a potentially good employee and have, quite frankly written them off.

On a prospective job application form,  somebody looking for work will be asked to fill in their personal details. It will then go on to past education and previous employment. It will no doubt ask the individual their skills and what they could bring to the workplace. Then, brings the difficult part. Employers are requesting that you write briefly any illnesses or conditions you may have. Now, for a mentally well or physically active person this is perfectly fine and easily understood. But think, however,  about those who may have been out of work for some time or have struggled in the workplace due to their own personal mental ill health.

Welcome to ‘Employable Me’ . This series on the BBC has exposed a number of people with debilitating conditions who have previously had no support or belief yet now  they could bring something special and unique to the workplace. The series aims to take a different take on this diverse mix of people and, basically, give them a chance.

If you’ve not seen it, please take a look. If you have access to I Player you can view the previous episodes. Please do not take this as an opportunity to laugh at these people. Their personal conflicts have prevented them from workplace opportunity and they want you, the viewer, to believe in them.

Having watched a couple of episodes I could relate to the autistic man who has to check if he has all his belongings having left the house. I could appreciate the need for an outdoor, physical job that enabled the mind to focus in respect of the young man with tourettes. I could also sympathize with the girl who felt frustrated and upset feeling alone and isolated with her condition.

The best part about this series? It reduces stigma and discrimination and helps to recognize the valuable input people with on going mental health conditions can bring to the workplace. This series can also inspire individuals who may be experiencing the same feeling of rejection from employers.


The key thing is to look beyond the mental health. Give this programme a go. > Employable Me on BBC 2.  To enlighten and to dispel myths of mental health.