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Plastic Bottles Needed For Flag Market Art Creation- 10am -15/6/19

Plastic Bottles Needed For Flag Market Art Creation- 10am -15/6/19 Creative Communities Group RSS Newsfeed for Creative Communities Group Online art gallery newsfeed

~Spring 2019. The ideal time go for a swim in the sea, have a picnic by the beach or go bird watching by the coast. Sadly though, those brief moments of joy are disrupted when innocent people are caught up in  plastic pollution on our treasured coast lines. Now, more than ever there is a growing concern not just for human recreation but for the future welfare of sea-life in our oceans.

Would you like to do something pro-active about it? ‘Making a Mark’ annually fights serious issues in a positive and unique way. Last year the Preston based group recycled tinned food across the flag market  to highlight poverty in the city.

This year plastic is under the radar and the Oxheys art collective is keen to incorporate local people into an inspiring day as Tim Saunders, one of the key artists working on the installation, goes on to explain :-

“We’re focusing on raising awareness of plastic usage and what we can do about it. Making A Mark is looking for people to bring along their clean plastic bottles on the day. Once we’ve made the artwork then the bottles will be recycled.”

In addition to recycling art you will also see how a recycling lorry works, a samba band and more. The event will take place on Preston’s Flag Market, Saturday 15th June from 10am. You can show your interest on the Facebook event (Making a Mark 3)

Get involved in local activities and do your part in shaping a better future for our precious sea-life creatures :-

  • Preston Flag Market
  • 10am - 15th June 2019

^Alex Ashworth