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New Pottery Studio Coming To Preston - July 2019

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~A venue which is more accustomed to treating patients than treating clay is being transformed in to a state of the art pottery studio.

Saul Street Clinic was formerly a doctors surgery but thanks to the determination and hard work Louise Smith has invested into, it’s going to be open very soon.

It was Louise’s crowd funding campaign that built tremendous momentum. She raised just under £10,000 but it was sufficient enough to gain temporary premises.

Saul Street Clinic had initially planned to demolish the entire  building and create a new car park, but Louise has had discussions with the building’s owners on its future use. She has a three year lease in place which provides enough time to get settled, build the foundations and find a more permanent base. 

Louise can confidently confirm the following :-

“We will be an open-access ceramics facility and makers studios. We will welcome professional and amateur potters.”

Opportunities are now available for 15 studio spaces suitable  for emerging and established design-makers.

Make North is due to open in July.

For more information please visit :- www.makenorth.org

Pottery studio is opening in former Saul Street Clinic :- July 2019

^Alex Ashworth