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National Festival Of Making - Blackburn - 15/6/19 - 16/6/19

National Festival Of Making - Blackburn - 15/6/19 - 16/6/19 Creative Communities Group RSS Newsfeed for Creative Communities Group Online art gallery newsfeed

~As a town, Blackburn  is hugely underestimated. In 1967 The Beatles sang a song about a how many potholes there are which made music fans interpret Blackburn as an uncivilised and poor part of Lancashire. Yet it proudly has prestigious landmarks such as The King Georges Hall and the art college round the corner which has gone from strength to strength.

On the subject of art and culture, The National Festival of Making has been making recurrent visits to Blackburn for a considerable time. Here is a little background about what it is and what it does:-

The National Festival of Making is a unique celebration of UK making, from the factory floor to the kitchen table. Presenting a programme of work that combines Art, Manufacturing, Making and Communities – commissioning international and national artists to create world class works and a participatory FREE FAMILY festival for all to enjoy.

Now in 2019, The Festival is back! It will take over the streets of Blackburn next month. It will consist of the following five things to enjoy :-making and digital technologies, hands-on maker workshop, innovative art installations and a full festival programme of activity.

It will take place from the 15th -16th June and will comprise of these seven essential things to do and see :-

  • Music
  • Markets
  • Street food
  • Art
  • Performance
  • Tours
  • Talks

If you’d like to be involved – sign up to the  newsletter below to keep up to date with news and programme updates. To catch up with the latest programme announcements, as well as information on how to get involved, visit www.festivalofmaking.co.uk

News and opportunities will also be posted on the festival’s social media channels at:

In stark contrast to The Beatles 1967 single ‘A Day in the Life’, two days in Blackburn 2019 will leave you inspired  and in awe by the rich heritage and thriving  industrious makers and manufacturers.

Visit this thriving town and discover an eclectic mix of making experiences for everyone to enjoy:-

  • National Festival of Making
  • The Festival returns to Blackburn
  • Saturday 15th June to Sunday 16th June 2019

^Alex Ashworth