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National Festival Of Making - Blackburn - 14/619- 16/6/19

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~We all need support from time to time in life. For children this could be providing help for a parent or guardian if they are experiencing bullying at school. For adults it could be the loss of a job when suddenly made redundant. Focusing on the work element, those in the creative sector need sufficient help in order to get the required job done, to feel lifted by a team spirit and to gain wisdom from experienced ones.

The National Festival of Making (NFM) is a vibrant national celebration of making, from the kitchen table to the factory floor. The festival weekend brings together artists, designers, manufacturers, small-scale makers and the public, to explore their own making potential. The festival takes place on 15th and 16th June in Blackburn, where the percentage of people employed in manufacturing is double the national average.

In addition to the  creative festival there are a  series of hands-on workshops, performances and art installations.  Those attending can listen attentively to a range of presentations, panels, interviews and speaker events taking place at Blackburn Cathedral, Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery, and various town centre locations.

The NFM Talks programme launches with three curated roundtable discussions being held at Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery on Friday 14th June. Here, each discussion is previewed :-

  1. One session will highlight some of the ways the sector is responding to the diminished resource for creative and arts provision in schools, and the implications of its marginalisation in the curriculum.
  2. Another session will focus on the issues and challenges experienced by women in tech and STEAM.
  3. A third session will explore the unexpected and extraordinary outcomes of the Festival’s ‘Art in Manufacturing’ Programme (AIM) and similar projects, as well as the innovation emerging from the intersection of the arts, making, manufacturing and digital technologies

The Festival of Making Talks are free to attend. To reserve your place please register for sessions via Eventbrite. A limited number of walk up places will be available for each day’s events.

Below is the schedule for the three days of talks :-


FRIDAY 14th June 2019: Victorian Gallery, Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery
10.45 Round Table: Women in STEAM - inspiring the next generation
12.00 Lunch & Networking
13.30 Round Table: Why Creativity & Making Matters
14.45 Break & Networking
15.10 Round Table: The Arts & The Possible
16.25 Closing Remarks

SATURDAY 15th June 2019: North Transept, Blackburn Cathedral
11.15 Great Ideas to Save the World - with Daniel Charny (Fixperts) & Guests
12.15 Conversations in Creativity: Malcolm Garrett in conversation with Gary Aspden
13.30 Panel: Making & Creating – The Skills of the Future
14.40 AIM Artist Talks
14.45 Interview: Superwomen - Small Business Heroes with Wayne Hemingway & Guests
15.00 UCBC Degree Fashion Show (South Transept)
16.30 Conversation in Creativity: Halima Cassell with Janet Boston
18.00 UCBC Degree Fashion Show 2 (South Transept)

SUNDAY 16th June 2019: Main Venue: North Transept, Blackburn Cathedral
11.00 AIM Artist Talks
12.30 Great Ideas to Save the World - with Patrick Grant & Josie Warden (RSA)
13.45 Panel: Culture, Creativity & Place
15.00 Panel: Art in Manufacturing

Over the weekend a host of leading and innovative speakers will be sharing views and perspectives on a range of topics. From opportunities to gain insights on the artists participating in the AIM showcase; to panels exploring themes such as Why Creativity and Making Matters? as well as the relationship between culture, creativity and place making.


  • National Festival of Making Talks 2019
  • A series of talks and related events for interested members of the public, creative practitioners, business people, and stakeholders...
  • Friday 14th June - Sunday 16th June 2019

^Alex Ashworth