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Make North - Winter Open Studios - Preston - 8/11/19 - 9/11/19

Make North - Winter Open Studios - Preston - 8/11/19 - 9/11/19 Creative Communities Group RSS Newsfeed for Creative Communities Group Online art gallery newsfeed

~Some of us are naturally  creative people. For the rest of us we have to work hard at nurturing a talent and moulding it to suit us. This is evident when it comes pottery making. If you start off as a beginner, over a period of weeks your skills will develop and you will grow in confidence to create something quite unique.

‘Make North’ was established just under three months ago based at the
former Saul Street Clinic, on Walker St in Preston City Centre.  They have a 3 year lease and they’re hoping for a turn around of new and amateur potters to become professional.

They already hold twelve accomplished potters who are on hand to teach the inexperienced ones in the studios. In the three months since it’s opening forty community members have walked through the doors and tried their hand at the wheel.

Now they’re opening up the public for an official launch ‘Make North’.
Winter open studios are - 8th and 9th November - Friday 5-7pm and  Saturday - 11am - 2pm.

By attending these dates you will meet the following people :-

Resident-makers in their studios

  • Micaela Schoop
  • Katie Timson
  • Alexander Devol
  • Judith Loughlin and Firespiral
  • Christine Cherry, Natasha Ball and Lanty Ball

You will also learn about ‘Northern Heart Films’ :-

At the  Open Studios Northern Heart  they will be screening five short films, each an insight into an individual artist’s process, originally commissioned for The Festival of Making.

You will also enjoy the company of graduates from the 2yr ceramic masters course, Cath Criscenti and Jane D’Souza. In addition the technicians from UCLAN’s print department, all professional artists in their own right,  will be available for a  discussion on their work :-Kathryn Pool, Nick Rhodes and Jane Elizabeth Bennett.

By attending one or two of these days you will also see an excellent exhibition produced by the members who have signed up since the end of July 2019. They have created  some fantastic work and it will be on show to  the  public, alongside photos from courses and work-in-progress.

If all of this has wet your appetite to get involved, well now you can! Make North will be running drop-in workshops, lasting around 30 minutes and costing £7, where you can use slips and glazes to create your own Christmas decoration, which they  will then fire to be collected 6-8 days later.

It's a great community and a real celebration of creativity. Please note :-In the New-Year programs for young people and schools will be designed and catered to their needs.

Come along to celebrate the opening of Make North and discover some of Preston’s best creative talent:-

  • ‘Make North’.
  • Winter open studios
  • November  8th and 9th 2019
  • Friday 5-7pm and  Saturday - 11am - 2pm.

^Alex Ashworth