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Looking For Artists - Precarious Landscape Exhibition - 14/5/18

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~Change is either a good thing or a bad thing. When a family moves home from an artistic environment into a more inner city location it can cause anxiety perhaps even hesitation about the big move. In the long term though the change works out for the better as each family member begins to appreciate and adapt to their new circumstances.

Preston has also experienced change. In 2002 it became a city and the University or UCLAN enrols more students than ever who are learning skills in the arts which will equip them better  as they take on employment in this sector.

Now in 2018 a new exhibition will focus on the changing city of Preston which is calling out for local artists to contribute their work. It will be called ‘Precarious Landscape’ and will  be curated by artists Ian Nesbitt and Ruth Levene. The exhibition will be in collaboration with In Certain Places which is a Preston based art programme.

A statement from In Certain Places explains what they are ideally looking for when considering work to be exhibited,

 “Submissions should record in some way parts of the local environment that are changing. It could be a view from your window that will soon change, a bird species you don’t see any more, a road that was built in your lifetime, some facts about your local neighbourhood, or the wider Preston area”.

Please note :- Submissions should be taken to The Harris Museum and Art Gallery cafe on Saturday 5 May between 10am and 4pm.  They can take any realm of art from drawings and  paintings to objects and  artefacts.  Each entry should include 50 words about what is being submitted and why. Anyone thinking of submitting a particularly large or valuable piece should get in touch first. You may also submit  newspaper cuttings, voice recordings or interviews.

The community exhibition will take place in the week of 14 May. It will portray Preston past and present,  capturing well known landmarks and how it has continued to evolve in a progressive city.

For more information contact Ian and Ruth at info@iannesbitt.co.uk or ring the In Certain Places office on 01772 893204.

^Alex Ashworth.