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Kindness And Compassion Talk UCLAN 28/11/17 12-12.50pm

Kindness And Compassion Talk UCLAN 28/11/17 12-12.50pm Creative Communities Group RSS Newsfeed for Creative Communities Group Online art gallery newsfeed

~Some of us are destined for certain things in life. We may be good husbands or wives. We may be particularly good at a sport or hobbie.We may though have a natural desire to lead yet lack the natural love to make it effective.

UCLAN’S Vice Chancellor Professor Mike Thomas is soon to deliver a talk which touches on the above point in an encouraging and refreshing way.

On Tuesday November 28that UCLAN’S Greenbank Lecture Theatre you  can attend a talk entitled ‘Kindness and Compassion’.

Professor Mike Thomas will examine the concepts of kindness and compassion and their practical application in leadership. His lecture will encompass the variables that develop, support and challenge kind and compassionate leadership and include authenticity, relational management, equity, gender, organisational ethos and people development.

Staff and students are warmly welcomed to this enlightening talk. In addition to Mike’s talk there will also be a Q&A session in which you can have the opportunity to ask Mike about his interest in leadership and it’s link with  kindness and compassion.

UCLAN has intrinsic values of how we want to be together and the impending talk delivered by Mike on November 28th will seek to explore the key values within leadership and how kindness and compassion is strongly associated with it.

Kindness and Compassion Talk 28/11/17 12-12.50pm

University of Central Lancashire, Greenbank Lecture Theatre, Greenbank Building, Preston.

Show a little love and appreciation for this heart warming talk.

^Alex Ashworth.