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In Conversation With Tom Watson  - UCLAN - 7pm -9pm - 9/01/20

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In our student years it’s very easy to pile on the pounds. Discounts in pubs, cafes and restaurants, clubbing till 3am and hitting the nearest fast food counter. In addition there are  excessive house parties which encourage sweets, chocolates, crisps and biscuits.

If you can draw the line there and start  to cut back after your student years you should be ok. But what if you’re in the public eye? What if you’re someone that could potentially inspire a person  to follow your path?

Tom Watson was a Labour MP until he stood down at last years winter election. In his youth he started putting on weight whilst he was studying. He developed an interest in fast food and cheap beer.

As the years went by so did his weight. If it was sweet, fatty or fizzy Tom would be there indulging in it all. This continued as he began his political career.

In 2014 he’d reached 22 stone on his bathroom scales. Yet in recent years he has developed more self control and a healthy eating plan. He has lost considerable weight and now he wants to tell his story with the hope of inspiring others in the process.

Join BBC Radio Lancashire’s John Gilmore on Thursday 9th January as he will be ‘In Conversation with Tom Watson’. Tom will talk candidly about how he lost the weight and how he continues to maintain it.

It is scheduled to take place at UCLAN’S Greenbank Building between the hours of 7pm-9pm.

Entrance is £15 and includes a hardback copy of Downsizing which Tom will sign on the night.

You can book your tickets by logging onto the following website address:-https://www.eventbrite.com/o/silverwood-events-

Attend this evening and you will experience a perfect, motivational event for the New Year:-

  • In Conversation with Tom Watson
  • Thursday,  9 January, 19:00 – 21:00
  • UCLAN  Greenbank Building, Victoria St, Preston

^Alex Ashworth