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Horseheard - UCLAN - 9am - 5pm - 3/9/19 - 16/9/19

Horseheard - UCLAN - 9am - 5pm - 3/9/19 - 16/9/19 Creative Communities Group RSS Newsfeed for Creative Communities Group Online art gallery newsfeed

~The two things they say you should never work with are children and animals. But when the animal becomes the focus of experience and observation it takes on a whole new meaning.

Horseheard is a charity devoted to experiential learning through working with horses and recently the charity has joined forces with artists on a  2D centred outcome.

Here are three of the artists in question and what their work entails :-

Rachel Cousins digitally alters and collages photos creating semi-abstract images. She highlights colour and patterns to draw attention to the overlooked aspects beauty of everyday life.

Karen Trolley uses watercolours to paint landscapes that are idyllic promoting ideas of rest and peace. She paints on postcards which draw the viewer close to observe the natural world and our relation to it.

Shiryn Wynter’s large scale paintings reflect on ideas around choices and memory using the subject matter of woodland paths and flower meadows. She uses colour to create mood and prompting the viewer to reflect on how they see the world.

The exhibition will take place at UCLAN’S PR1 Gallery in the Victoria Building from 3rd -16th September between the hours of 9am - 5pm. In addition, there is a preview evening on Monday 2nd September  between 6pm -8pm and an Artists’ Talk on Monday 8th September at 1pm.

The event is free to attend and no booking is required.

So come along learn more about Horseheard and see how the fascination of horses has inspired these creative people :-

  • Horseheard
  • 3 -16th September, 09:00 – 17:00
  • University of Central Lancashire, PR1 Gallery, Victoria Building, Preston Campus

^Alex Ashworth.