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Harris Museum Gets New Guidebook

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~We all need a guide book from time to time. For some it could be  on a biblical format or for others it may be an inspiring book to motivate you and to help you set goals. In either case a guide book can answer any question you have about life or to shed light on something you haven’t previously understood.

On a cultural level, art based novels can help you appreciate the artists objective when creating their piece of art and how it can appeal to it’s audience.

Preston’s Harris Museum and Art Gallery has long been established here in the North West. Now, in 2018,  you can gain more insight into the background of the work exhibited as a new guide book has been launched which seeks to explain the treasures of the prestigious Harris.

The book costs just £1 and features amongst many other treats, Pauline in the Yellow Dress and the earliest evidence of human occupation in the North West, the Pulton Elk skeleton.

Cabinet member for culture and leisure councillor Peter Kelly expressed these words of joy and elation in response to the release of the book,

 “We’re delighted to publish this newly written and designed Harris guidebook that will engage both the tourist visitor and Prestonians with fascinating facts and fabulous pictures of the Harris.”

He went on to say about the collaboration with NWM Development and how many  people will benefit from the newly released guidebook,

“As well as covering print costs, North West Museums Development enabled us to commission new photography and design work, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. We look forward to seeing the guidebook enhance the experience of thousands of visitors over the next few years.”

The guide to the grade-I listed building also includes frequently asked questions about the Harris. It will shine a light on the regularly, and not so regularly seen, parts of the museum.

Have you been to the Harris Museum and Art Gallery in the past couple of weeks? Why not go this weekend and see the latest exhibition as well as purchasing a £1 guidebook to give you a fuller and more comprehensive appreciation of this treasured building.

^Alex Ashworth.