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~When we’re introduced to something new we either become awkward and find it challenging or we embrace it and take it to our hearts.

How many of us can say on our first day at school we enjoyed it? How about the last day of summer term and breaking up for the holidays? What about the prospect of a festival perhaps Glastonbury or maybe on a smaller scale Cloudspotting in Lancashire?

The truth is sometimes a change is a good thing and something brand new especially in terms of a festival can be both exciting and extremely enjoyable.

Ribchester in the Lancashire district have unveiled a brand new music and arts festival simply titled ‘RIBFEST’.  It will take place during Festival Week ( July 18th -24th 2016) and there will be quite simply something for everyone. From blues - folk, theatre- jazz and drama too.

The Festival has risen from the ashes of the former Ribchester Festival of Music and Art - at which Ribcaged made its debut performance.

Acts scheduled to appear throughout the week include :-

* Singer Ella Shaw

* Sax Harp Duo Polaris

* Family Fun with musician Hannah Rose Spurgeon

* The Almost Blue Jazz Trio

Plus much much more.

There will also be a Night At The Theatre from Ribcaged, an opportunity for local school children to take part in a special production and local drama group RATS will entertain with a promenade show.

Owen Philips the Artistic Director of  the Festival gives these words of optimism about the impact these festivals will have on the community and the charitable work they will bring,

 “We hope future festivals will have something that brings the village together with common cause to raise money.”

The Rock on the Rec on Saturday July 23rd from 2-7pm is staged to raise money for the Ribchester Sports Pavilion Fund which will fulfil the promise Owen stated above.

So if your accustomed to change and your in favour of something brand new then make July 18th-24th 2016 a cultural week in your calendar and support worthwhile charitable events like these for the local community.