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Curtain Fall Film - Honey Rose And Route Nine Collaboration - Early December 2019

Curtain Fall Film - Honey Rose And Route Nine Collaboration - Early December 2019 Creative Communities Group RSS Newsfeed for Creative Communities Group Online art gallery newsfeed

~At this time of year many children have written letters to Santa in order to receive their Christmas presents. Some of those letters have realistic requests such as toy cars and a box of chocolates but others may dare to dream to become the next performing artist on stage and screen.

As adults, we only want the best for our children but sadly the parent can become sick and in severe cases have a time limit on their life expectancy.

The charity ‘The Honey Rose Foundation’ is derived from those who suffered an untimely death. The mission of the charity is to grant last wishes for adults who are suffering from life threatening or terminal illnesses. They are the only UK charity to grant wishes for those over 40 years of age.

Preston - based production company ‘Route Nine Studios’ are raising awareness for the charity in the form of a 10 -minute film. Teri Moran and Michael Jon Dawn felt so inspired by the great work the charity does they felt moved to create a showcase.

‘Curtain Fall’ tells the story of a young mother who has a terminal illness whose wish is to see her little girl perform on stage just the once. She believes her daughter is destined to be an actor in the future.

Teri has these words of elation in the build up to it’s screening,

“We feel so privileged to help The HoneyRose Foundation in this way, Michael and I doing what we do best, whilst increasing the awareness of the charity. It’s been an absolute pleasure to make the film, and we can’t wait for everyone to see it!”

The lead cast includes, child actress Erin Greaves (who’s only 11-years-old), Reese Scholz and Nicole Evans.

An original song, ‘When the Curtain Falls’ will be included in the film. Written by Tom Metcalfe and Teri, performed  by Erin alongside Hannah Greatorex and Zeynep Ozsabuncu, who are members of Lancashire band Audrey’s Dance.

‘Curtain Fall’ will be shown in early December. ‘When the Curtain Falls’  is expected to be released following the film. All proceeds will go to The HoneyRose Foundation.

The goal for the film is raise as much awareness as possible for the charity and enable more wishes for those who need them most:-

  • Honey Rose/Route Nine Collaboration
  • Curtain Fall
  • Early December 2019.

^Alex Ashworth