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~In 1903 things were very different for the people of Preston. It was unlikely that you could text a friend to meet you for a coffee. It may have been more probable that people were commuting to work via bike and not car. Some of Preston’s most established buildings may not have seen the light of day for a good fifty or sixty years later.

One thing is certain that a magnificent building opened it’s doors to the public domain yet sadly closed almost a century later due to protests. This year it is set to make a comeback.

Recently it has been used to showcase the crème de la crème of British design, fashion and manufacturing in the Best of Britannia North 2016. This was the second time it hosted this prestigious event which was a celebration of UK entrepreneurs and creative designers.

 The former post office is currently in negotiations but sources says it is more than likely the Grade 2 listed building will become a small hotel. Plans could be going ahead yet the cost of such a renovation is an important factor to consider.

Leader of Preston City Council, Councillor Peter Rankin revealed the cost of such an exercise and the worth of such a building,

“It’s going to be a very expensive building to renovate, so it’s still touch-and-go as to whether the sale proceeds because of the magnitude of the job that needs doing. But it’s a fabulous building, it’s very significant, it’s in a very prominent position at the Flag Market so it’s very important we find the right owner for it and put it to a good use.”

The building was closed in 2002 which, at the time was a  controversial decision in a dramatic move for it to be located off a side street near the Fishergate shopping centre.

A lack of hotels in Preston has meant trade in pubs, clubs, restaurants, shops and cafes has seen a downward trend. If the new building was transformed into a hotel it could result in an increase in both trade and popularity for overseas students, foreign residents and visitors to the city centre.


Peter believes this could be the end product of a building that lost it’s place in 2002 and has seen a recent rise in interest due to the Best of Britannia event and similar creative showcases,

“Preston doesn’t have enough hotels, so it’s possible that might be what it would end up as, a small boutique hotel.”

Watch this space to see the continual changes of a  city that is moving with the times, keeping up to date with the current trend in technology and providing a place to relax and recuperate amidst a busy cosmopolitan environment.