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Business Breakfast - UCLAN- 8.00am - 10.30am - 13/9/18

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~Imagine the scene. You’re in your third year at University studying business management and you’ve been invited to attend a social networking evening in which you’ll meet some inspiring individuals to enable you to sail your determined ship into the stable sea. The only problem being you don’t have a business idea,  you don’t even have a business and that ship, well, it’s slowly sinking every waking  hour. What on earth could you do to prevent this potential situation from occurring?

This Thursday September 13th between 8am - 10.30am at UCLAN’S Creative Innovation Zone, 4th Floor of the Media Factory is an SME Development Business Breakfast.

SME simply means small and medium sized  enterprises and this specially prepared morning will cater for those who already have or are considering starting up an SME.

During the two and a half hour session you will experience the following :-
Interactive Debate - The Centre for SME Development and You :-
Take part in a discussion which will consider what is important for the local and regional business community. Share a positive future for SME’S in which all can be a constructive member

The Fun Factor - the Science of Happiness at Work

Discover the unique blend of following your passions, curiosity and sense of humour. Learn how happiness and fun can contribute to an uplifting workforce. Explore smart techniques in keeping laughter in an appropriate place. Try adopting a playful spirit when at work.

Introducing the Making Carbon Work (MaCaW) Project

Project MaCaW is an academic/industry collaboration designed to assist Lancashire SMEs to overcome the challenges and barriers in moving towards a low carbon economic model. The project is designed to teach Lancashire SMEs  how to perform  low energy methods  and practices to reduce their carbon burden. A range of measures will be discussed so that you can learn how to reduce your energy costs and how the MaCaW Project can help your business to implement these measures by accessing fully funded support.

In reference to the information regarding the fun factor, Lowri Dowthwaite Lecturer in Psychological Interventions at UCLAN is hugely inspired by the concept of  Science of Happiness. As UCLAN’S resident happiness expert she has run a series of highly successful workshops speaking on this subject. This has been catered for an audience consisting of SME Businesses and   large organisations such as the NHS. Lowri is also a certified Laughter Yoga teacher and has published articles on humour and intelligence and the science of happiness.

Why not come along to this exciting opportunity in learning how you can get a small or medium sized  enterprise off the ground. Tickets are free and are available to obtain by following the link at :-https://www.uclan.ac.uk/news/events.php,  and find the source material for the business breakfast.

Join us for breakfast at the UCLAN  Centre for SME Development Business Breakfast:-

Thursday  September 13th  8:00am – 10:30am
University of Central Lancashire, Creative Innovation Zone, Media Factory, 4th Floor, PR1 1JN

^Alex Ashworth.