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Bull Run Recreation - 4pm - Preston City Centre- 22/9/18

Bull Run Recreation - 4pm - Preston City Centre- 22/9/18 Creative Communities Group RSS Newsfeed for Creative Communities Group Online art gallery newsfeed

~It’s hard to imagine the controversial and brutal sport of bull baiting took place on Preston’s Flag Market right up until it’s ban in 1726. The sport saw a bull become unleashed upon the public, they then ran for their lives until the bull was exposed to a wider public domain which then saw it’s opponent taunt it until it was brutally killed. Interestingly the remains of the bull ring still exist to this very day.

Now nearly 300 years later, Derelict Theatre are attempting to recreate the traditional Pamplona Bull Run. It’s going to be a theatrical experience as part of the biennial Lancashire Encounter Festival. The only exception is that thankfully there won’t be a bull in sight.

Rob Gregson explains the concept behind the stunt and how you can get involved,

“We are keen for people of all ages and backgrounds to join us as we take to the streets of Preston. We want to get as many people wearing the traditional white colours with red sashes and get them running through the streets, parks and alleys and market places of the city centre to create our very first Preston Bull Run.”

The theatre group are providing red sashes on the day and participants are expected to wear white. The Bull Run will take place on Saturday 22 September from 4pm.To take part you need to email charlotte@derelictlive.org

Step out of your comfort zone this autumn with an exciting and imaginative installation.

^Alex Ashworth.