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~Have you or your young children watched the Jurassic Park blockbuster movies and wished you could somehow design or capture the wonderfully crafted CGI that has made the franchise so successful?

Thanks to palaeontologist and artist Warren Elsmore and his team, now you can. Due to the ingenuity of the LEGO bricks and the latest knowledge about how dinosaurs would have looked back then  you can keep your youngsters entertained for hours as they  design their own.

Running now until 17th September 2017 at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston is an exhibition that will transport you to the Jurassic age and if you feel inspired you can take home the Brick by Brick - Dinosaurs Book and follow the instructions to build your own giants.

To find out more simply visit www.harrismuseum.org.uk and find the link to download the exhibition leaflet. You can even add your own artwork to it and pop it into the Brick Dinos exhibition postbox to see your work go on display in the gallery.

Play your part in recreating the dinosaurs that once roamed our planet.  Brick Dinos Exhibition now until 17th September at The Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston.

^Alex Ashworth.










Brick Dino Exhibition Harris Preston Now - 17th September 2017