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Border Morris Dancing - UCLAN - Media Factory - 7pm -9pm - 12/7/19

Border Morris Dancing - UCLAN - Media Factory - 7pm -9pm - 12/7/19 Creative Communities Group RSS Newsfeed for Creative Communities Group Online art gallery newsfeed

~If you saw a series of random men and women dancing in broad daylight to a popular tune with everyone staring at them you may think they’re not very well.

But if you saw a group of choreographed people on the other side of the street wearing brightly coloured jackets made of tattered fabric and decorated top hats, along with painted faces dancing to a rhythmic tune   clashing long sticks and stepping you’ll know immediately who they are.

Border Morris Dancing originated from dances performed on the Welsh and English border and since last year ( 2018) Brigantii Border Morris has been formed. This a new group that  has a lot of fun developing completely new dances.

The dancing levels range from complete beginner to experienced pro. The groups perform at a variety of events, including festivals and carnivals and invite anyone to come along and have a go.

In addition musicians are encouraged to contribute to the band in areas such as percussion. The sessions  are great fun and excellent exercise.

The event is free to attend.

So the next time you see brightly dressed people with colourful makeup and long sticks, don’t just stand there and watch get involved! All ages are encouraged.

  • Border Morris Dancing
  • Friday  12 July, 19:00 – 21:00
  • University of Central Lancashire, Room 210, Media Factory, Preston Campus.

^Alex Ashworth