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Addictive TV DJ Set - New Continental - 7pm- 8/11/18

Addictive TV DJ Set - New Continental - 7pm- 8/11/18 Creative Communities Group RSS Newsfeed for Creative Communities Group Online art gallery newsfeed

~In 2012 Preston’s local DJ scene was popular in the city’s pub and club circuits. Revellers would spend their weekend chilling  and dancing to the coolest beats the DJ would spin.

Six years ago local DJ’s could only dream of creating a worldwide success of spinning decks. This is something however that Graham Daniels and Mark Vidler created and are now going on tour.

Addictive TV and have conspired more than 200 musicians from 30 countries to feed into their Orchestra of Samples. The countries include Brazil, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Senegal, Colombia and Europe.

This international flavour is what makes the double act so unique. Now in 2018 they’re about to bring their creation to the somewhat smaller city of Preston.

Graham Daniels spoke of their initial naivety about the project and his  startling realization behind it,

“We began Orchestra of Samples with no preconceptions, just a curiosity to explore musical possibilities. It’s about bringing people together, about creating something that you didn’t know you could.”

The show will be delivered with skill and finesse at Preston’s New Continental on Thursday 8 November from 7pm. Tickets start from £8.

Experience this unique audio-visual show coming to Preston very soon.

^Alex Ashworth.