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A Walk In The Park With Artist Fiona Candy - Preston- 2pm -4pm - 5/10/19

A Walk In The Park With Artist Fiona Candy - Preston- 2pm -4pm - 5/10/19 Creative Communities Group RSS Newsfeed for Creative Communities Group Online art gallery newsfeed

~A walk through your local park thirty years ago would have seen people with prams, conversing and showing neighbourly friendliness as they stroll around.

Sadly in 2019 most parks are frequented by juvenile youths, underage pregnancies and intolerant people.

Why? Because we live in the digital age where individuals are more transfixed with their phone than recognizing the sheer beauty which is lies  within every local park.

Artist Fiona Candy hopes to change all that. ‘A Walk in the Park’ is designed to introduce a series of simple ways to tune in to and be inspired by, the landscape: particularly it’s ephemeral atmosphere and sensory qualities.

It all takes place on Saturday 5th October 2019 at Winckley Square, Preston from 2pm -4pm. To participate you must pay £4 per person on arrival. Turning up is optional but booking online is encouraged. You can do so by visiting the following website :-Eventbrite - A Walk in the Park.
This event also takes place on Sunday 13 October 2019. To book tickets for this date visit Eventbrite - A Walk in the Park Sunday.

Please note :- this event is more suitable for adults with little or no previous skills required for it. You may bring cameras to enhance your creative channels but it isn’t essential. Due to the time of year it may be boggy underfoot or it could be inclement weather so please bring comfortable, serviceable clothing and footwear to increase your involvement in the day.

For more information you may wish to visit the following website:- www.winckleysquarepreston.org/  Here you will find visitor information, events and the history of  Preston’s people.

Join artist Fiona Candy, Friend of Winckley Square Guide for a companionable, creative walk from Winckley Square through Avenham and Miller Parks:-

  • A Walk in the Park with Artist Fiona Candy
  • Saturday 05 October 2019
  • 2:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Winckley Square, Preston

^Alex Ashworth