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~If I was to mention the names, Howie Rogers, Garreth Hicklin, Mike Wheeler, Tom Wright, Pete Effamy and Darren Wiles you’d probably think ‘who on Earth are they? All respected musicians granted from bass and keyboards to guitar and sax but within the context of popular and contemporary performers who are they compared to and where, at all, do they fit in?

Think however if I was to mention the names, Mark King, Mike Lindup, Nathan King, Sean Freeman, Pete Ray Biggin, Phil Gould, Rowland ‘Boon’ Gould, Gary Husband and Alan Murphy. Has the penny dropped yet?

Still struggling? Ok. They created an pop rock and jazz funk sound. Had hits with ‘Lessons in Love’, ‘Something about you’ and ‘Running in the Family’. The second of the two singles was their most successful single in the US reaching number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Yes, tonight Matthew I’m going to be….80’s pop heroes ‘Level 42’. But, in fact, I’m not.

Instead I’m going to be watching their mirror image. A band that has captured every key change and vocal harmony to the limit.

Never 42 are the quintessential tribute act to Level 42 and have been together since 2010. The group have played at theatres, festival and with the most established and recognised musicians in the world.

Now in 2016 they are bringing  their funk driven pop brilliance to the mainstream with a series of gigs. One of which is at the Preston Guild Hall on Sunday 31st July at 7.30pm.

Tickets are priced between £21.50 and £19.50 and can be bought by contacting the box office on 01772 80 44 44. You can also email the venue for more information :- info@prestonguildhall.co.uk

The Guild Hall and Charter Theatre is based at Lancaster Road, Preston, PR1, 1HT. It’s set between a bustling city with clubs, pubs and fine dining in the most refined establishments.

In recent years the real Level 42 have played at a number of festivals across Europe including headline performances at Let’s Rock Bristol and Rochester Castle. On October 31st 2013 the group released a six track studio EP entitled ‘Sirens’. This was their last and most recent release.

Alternatively you can enjoy the next best thing, ‘Never 42’ who blast out their heroes biggest tracks in an exciting and captivating ride of a full 115 minute show.

You couldn’t falter this accolade to what is no doubt one of the great surviving bands of the 1980s.