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1 Billion Rising - UCLAN - Tom Finney Sports Centre - 12.30pm -14/2/19

1 Billion Rising - UCLAN - Tom Finney Sports Centre - 12.30pm -14/2/19 Creative Communities Group RSS Newsfeed for Creative Communities Group Online art gallery newsfeed

~In 2012, the United States of America had a president who spoke for it’s people. A person who represented all American residents and a clear leader who respected and appreciated women’s rights which his wife also shared  and became a lead activist who empowered young women in Secondary School to achieve and become responsible adults.

7 years later and USA has a president who is quite the opposite. His phoney myths of making America Great Again are unconvincing and as an outspoken misogynist he leaves the women of America furious in his many candid interviews about the opposite sex.

Thankfully over these 7 years there has been an annual campaign which seeks to give women of all ages a voice and reason to stand up and fight!

1 Billion Rising is now a global campaign which sees both genders dance avidly to an upbeat dance anthem in an exciting and empowering bid to represent women all around the world who have been mistreated by the following  ten areas of extreme concern:-

  • Rape
  • Battery
  • Incest
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
  • Sexual Slavery and Trafficking
  • Child Marriage
  • Femicide
  • Sexual, Gender and Reproductive Oppression
  • Violence Towards LGBTQIA+ Communities

The dance protest  is in  complete agreement to end the following seven areas of conflict :-

  • Toxic Masculinity
  • Poverty/ Economic Injustice/ Labor Exploitation
  • Climate Destruction and Environmental Plunder
  • Racism, Hate and Discrimination
  • Religious Fundamentalism
  • State and Institutional Violence/ Militarization/ War
  • Forced Displacement/ Immigrant and Migrant Abuse

Your nearest 1 Billion Rising Event will take in Preston ‘  One Billion Rising for Justice Dance 2019’ at the UCLAN Tom Finney Sports Centre on Thursday February 14th from 12.30pm.

World Salsa Dance Champion Phil Kaila and Salsa Northwest will guide you through the defiant song and everyone is  welcome from children to adults.

Take a look at how last years 1 Billion Rising went via this link :-

And see how you can get involved in the 2019 one :-https://www.facebook.com/events/138963360353677/

We call on you this year to be braver, go deeper, reflect, study, listen, learn, awaken to what you don’t know, ask the difficult questions, engage, take actions, and push yourselves out of your comfort zones physically and intellectually. We call on you to commit to resistance and solidarity.
Because Rising is no longer a campaign – it is a way of life.

  • Preston One Billion Rising for Justice Dance 2019
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^Alex Ashworth